Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need access to my database and which type of access do you require?

We need to access the name of the tables and columns (not the content of these tables itself) which is then used to classify personal/sensitive data during the onboarding process. At no point do we access the underlying data within your database. We access the database for the classification phase and we don't store the DB credentials, so once onboarding has been completed, there is no way for us to access your database. If you wish to add monitoring accesses to new sensitive data, we will ask for your credentials again. You must allow read-only access from our application to a portion of your database for the period of time it takes to onboard.

Do you capture or store the personal or sensitive data from my database?

No. Our SDK enables your Application to send de-identified information related to the queries made to the database that involve the tables and columns you identified as containing personal or sensitive data. Additionally, It also collects from your Application the individual user id performing these queries. Finally, for each tracked query, we do a row count to know exactly how many data attributes were received and when. Our behaviour analytics are based solely on this information.

Where do you store the captured information?

The captured information is stored on our environment but you have the option of hosting our database on premises and we can work in a hybrid environment if you prefer.

Which type of Applications can I start monitoring?

All Applications that process personal or sensitive data are suitable for being tracked with our software. Our SDK is currently optimized for Java, JavaScript and PHP Applications. If you have a different language Application we can develop a specific integration for it.

How long does the integration process take?

If you have a Java Application the process of integrating our SDK should be straight-forward, however our support team will help you throughout the process. If you have a different language Application we can develop a specific integration for it.

Which types of Database does your solution cover?

We currently integrate with MSSQL and MySQL Databases and are working on additional integrations. If you use a different type of database let us know and we can prioritize it.