Adding a database

  • How?

  • Which databases we support

  • Security and Access Requirements

  • How to securely connect

We connect to your primary database to tag tables and columns which contain personal data. We currently support:

  • MySQL/Aurora Database

  • Microsoft SQL Server

We only access the database schema, not the underlying data. From here, the user selects the tables that they would like to monitor for accesses. In order to identify the tables that contain sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII), connects to your database and reads the table names and column names. This allows a user to select the tables and columns on their database that contains PII. does not store the login credentials or the any database information. Nor does access any data from within the database, we only access the database schema, not the database that stores real data.


Some clients may wish to create a view only user account and grant permissions to only access the information_schema from the database.

There are various options for securing a connection to your database, including IP whitelisting, SSL, SSH, PKI and Kerberos authentication. will work with you on the procedure that best meets your security requirements. Once the on-boarding process is complete, the network access can be closed as we do not connect to your database again, unless you wish to add or edit the mapping.

When connected to your database, we ask the user to select both the tables and columns that contain sensitive information. You can rename these attributes to make them more user friendly to non-technical team members. Upon completion, you will be given a Database Key and Database Secret which you will need when setting up the SDK to send data to

You must keep the Database Key and Database Secret secure